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Upcoming Workshops:

The Self-Love Series
March 7th
11:00AM – 3:00PM
855 S. Center St. Suite 201

Self Love Workshop

Some of our topics so far…

  • The Art of Wellness
  • First, allow yourself to dream! A vision board is an opportunity to enlighten yourself of the present or future goals you would like to see manifest as you begin to live a life of wellness. While making vision boards, there will be a presentation and demonstration (with a take home gift) of essential oils by Alicia Kelly, and a presentation on nutrition by Arbonne representative, Savannah Beauchemin. The workshop will be facilitated by Sierra Sunrise Wellness Group president and founder, Nora Ann Shannon. Join us and contemplate what an enhanced well-being for your present and future self could joyfully look like!

  • Mobiles
  • In 1931, the word “mobile” was volunteered by Marcel Duchamp to describe the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder. He originated these free-moving creations which often hung from the ceiling, defying gravity and appearing to float through the air. These forms consisted of objects, often brightly colored, abstract shapes made from sheet metal, which were connected by lengths of wire and balanced like a scale, creating am ensemble of balanced and free-moving parts. Take inspiration from Calder to come and create your own mobile, using objects that symbolize your hang-ups!

  • Drawing
  • Get in touch with your muse through blind contour drawing for starters! With the guidance of a seasoned drawing instructor, you’ll take more risks and relieve that nagging “art anxiety” that plagues your every creative effort. You will learn to focus, and to see what you are looking at! As Paul Klee said, “A line is a dot that went for a walk…” so come explore some lines and dots with us!

  • Mandalas
  • Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle,” and is most often used in Buddhist and Hindu cultures as a symbolic link and representation of the universe. The creation of mandalas is a form of meditation and a way in which one can create sacred space in his or her current life circumstances. Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, believed mandalas to be “a representation of the unconscious self,” which would allow for one to integrate disassociated parts of oneself into a greater “whole.” Find the universe within as you enjoy creating a mandala self-portrait.

  • Masks
  • The Greek word for mask is at the root of the word persona. According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, the persona is the mask that people wear to hide their true selves. It is their social mask, presenting their desired image to the world. “One could say, with little exaggeration, that the persona is that which in reality one is not, but which oneself as well as others think one is.” – Carl Jung. Create the persona of your preference and unleash the power within you!

  • Chakras
  • The chakras are said to be “wheels” or “discs” of energy found at seven primary points along the spinal column. Depending on the chakra location, there are different strengths and weaknesses that are associated with an imbalance of a person’s well-being. By using the Chakras as a cognitive behavioral technique, we are able to hone in on specific issues that we would like to work on and change behaviorally. We will be painting using the seven colors of the chakras in order to assess our own strong and challenging areas, as well as to simply enjoy the colorful portraits of our souls.

All workshops are $20 due to time and materials needed, but depending on turn out and groups that come in together, we might be able to implement a sliding fee scale.

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