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Nora Ann Brucklacher and Rollo, the dynamic duo


Nora Ann Brucklacher,

B.A. in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara

M.A. in Counseling and Educational Psychology from University of Nevada, Reno

My favorite nickname is “Nora the Explorer,” because I have always maintained an indelible curiosity and fascination with discovering the world around me. I am especially fond of exploration into the human psyche, which is as vast as the universe itself. I am an existentialist, meaning that I have great interest in the concept of life, what it means to exist in the here and now, and what it means to no longer exist at some unknown, or perhaps known, juncture in the future. I am interested in how people cope with simply being alive. A lifetime is the conglomeration of days, months, years, and hopefully decades of being of, and only a part of, this world. Regardless of the perceived assets or handicaps that one enters the world with, he or she must still find a way in order to survive, thrive, and strive toward self-actualization.

I am the owner and operator of Sierra Sunrise Wellness Group, LLC, which is committed to facilitating the opportunity for citizens of Reno and surrounding communities to reach out, learn, and explore mind, body, and soul principles of wellness. In every new day, there comes another sunrise of potential for a life well-lived through the cultivation of happiness in the here and now. I offer Individual, Marriage (Couples), and Family Therapy for the whole age spectrum. My sessions are 50-60 minutes in length, unless a client would like to book extra time for a session. I charge $100 per session, but for those who are experiencing some level of financial hardship, I am on a sliding fee scale and will make arrangements to see people for less. It is important to me that people are able to receive the services that they want and need without it creating additional strain and stress in their lives to do so.

In addition to my Marriage and Family Therapy work, I am also a Shaman and a Reiki Master. I offer energy healing sessions that work predominantly with the psychology of the chakras. I charge $150 per each hour and half to two hour session. I have done training with Shamans in jungles of Peru, (predominantly the Shipibo Tribe in Pucallpa) and I was trained in the lineage of the Qero tribe in the Andes based on principles of the Four Winds Society. In my session, I often utilize sage, pablo santo, my healer’s mesa, a rattle, and agua de florida. I like to use a combination of Reiki Master techniques, which I perceive as being softer and gentler, as a nice way to balance the work of my shamanic practices that is intended to stir things up and cleanse at an energetic level.

In almost every session I do, my certified and registered therapy dog, Rollo, joins me. He loves to love, and he certainly isn’t opposed to a fun game of tug of war or being able to suckle his blanket on clients’ laps. He loves his job, and he brings much needed joy to those who could use unconditional love and positive regard.

Nora Ann Shannon, M.A., MFT-Intern, RYT-200, RMT 855 S. Center St.,  Suite 101 Reno, NV 89501  For an appointment, please call: 1.775.224.0703

Nora Ann Shannon, M.A., MFT-Intern, RYT-200, RMT
855 S. Center St.,
Suite 101
Reno, NV 89501
For an appointment, please call: 1.775.224.0703


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Chi Sigma Iota

Chi Sigma Iota Foundation

Nora Ann Shannon is a member of the Chi Sigma Iota Foundation, which recognizes excellence in performance and honors in academic achievement amongst those who graduate in the counseling profession.

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American Psychological Association

Nora Ann Shannon is also accredited by the American Psychological Association, which affirms her professional integrity and intentions towards maintaining the highest standards of ethical mandates as set by the profession of Marriage and Family Therapists.


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Nora Ann Shannon is accredited and associated with AAMFT- The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, which is only possible through the continued registration and accreditation of her professional accrual of hours and ethical upstanding in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.